Product Review: The SOLOIST, the All-In-One Guitar & Accessory Hanger by Wall-Axe

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Wall-Axe Custom Guitar Hangers was started by Michael Lambert in 2009 as a way to clean up the clutter of his son’s guitars that were always lying around the house. Their custom guitar hangers come in a variety of designs, finishes, and materials.

Their newest design is the SOLOIST which is designed to be an “All-In-One Guitar & Accessory Hanger.”

We had a chance to see the SOLOIST first hand and it is truly a must-have guitar hanger as it is designed to securely hold your guitar and its accessories in one neat, compact space. No longer will your guitar accessories be strewn all over the place!

The SOLOIST is a made of solid oak in a triangular shape that is approximately 7.5” wide x 5” tall with four pegs to conveniently hold your commonly used accessories. The guitar is centrally located on the triangle and is held with Wall-Axe’s hanger yoke which is covered with a heavy-duty foam guaranteed not to affect the finish of your guitar.

Strategically placed at various parts on the wall hanger are pegs designed to hold a guitar strap, a capo and tuner, an instrument cable, a guitar slide, and even slots for your guitar picks. The package comes with complete easy-to-install instructions and can be installed to drywall, but we recommend mounting it to a wall stud.

The quality control for this accessory is top notch as it a family-owned business and made in the good ole USA.  The company’s slogan is “the Beauty of Art & Function.”

Let your imagination soar with this piece and come up with creative ways to display your guitar accessories.  The company is accepting photos for their Wall-Art Gallery and you or your band could be featured!

Recommended wall space to allow for the guitar hanger, accessories and guitar is approximately 18” wide x 40” tall

Package comes with the following:  SOLOIST Oak Wood Base, 1 Premium Guitar Hanger, all Mounting Hardware, and Installation Instructions

The SOLOIST can be purchased at for $29.99.

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