Product Review: The Pick Bag

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Christopher Widmoser, a guitarist and entrepreneur from Germany, sent his new product called The Pick Bag for me to review. It is a rubber cover that you place over the top of your pick. It is supposed to give you ultimate grip and control. This is a great idea for those of you who drop their pick often and for guitarists who play live. Sometimes stage lighting can become very hot and once you start to sweat, your hands can become a bit slippery. Last thing you want to do is drop your pick in the middle of a song or difficult measure where you can not use your fingers. Besides, that sounds awful and is kind of painful.

The pick bag also is flexible and I tried it on several different picks and it fit all of them. I had to try the pick bag a few times to get used to holding it, since I grip my pick more towards the middle of the pick, but once I got used to it, I liked it and think it is a very creative idea.

You can purchase it through the following links since there are no dealers in America at this time: or

More information can be found at:

~ Katrina Johannson

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