Product Review: Revo Tigerwood Gordo Style Guitar Strap

Revo Guitar Strap
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I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon of Revo Guitar Straps at Summer NAMM in Nashville and being able to test out one of their luxurious guitar straps. Revo is known for their handcrafted exotic tonewood guitar straps sourced using sustainably harvested woods from Central America like Cocobolo, Rosewood and Tigerwood.

These straps are sturdy and built to last, apparently resistant to scratches, and used by the likes of Carlos Santana, Ziggy Marley, Zac Brown and many others. They look stylish although they also look like they could double up as a massager for your back- which they almost do.

I was given the Tigerwood Revo Gordo Style Guitar Strap to try out, as I was told this was the best one for individuals with long hair as the other ones have a bit more spacing and you may get your hair caught in them (ouch). I was definitely wary of putting this on after hearing that and it still did end up catching a little even with this strap, so just be cautious of your hair when taking this strap on and off, long-haired folks.

It was a little difficult to attach to my guitar as the leather on the strap is very thick, and I needed to stretch it out before I could get it on properly. Ultimately that is a good thing as it means it will last well and hold your guitar safely once you manage to get it in place. As I like my guitar strap up fairly high, there was a lot of wood left dangling at the bottom once I’d adjusted it to fit, which can knock against the guitar. Again, be cautious when putting the strap on and off or setting your guitar down, especially if your guitar is valuable and you don’t want any dings on it.

I have back issues so the wideness of the strap is good for my shoulder problems. It feels comfortable and makes my guitar feel a lot lighter, although I feel like the width of it is a little big for me aesthetically and I would prefer it to be a touch thinner.

Revo Tigerwood Gordo Style Guitar Strap ReviewIt looks great and feels expensive. When paired with an acoustic, it looks like it is an extension of the guitar which I think is cool. Some of my guitar students commented on how cool my strap looks, and it matches my acoustic Fender perfectly. I can’t imagine using it on an electric, but that’s my personal preference. With that being said, there are plenty of pictures on their website of musicians using their strap with an electric guitar.

To me, it feels like a very masculine strap, which is fine as I’m a bit of a tomboy, but I would also like them to maybe aim for something a little more feminine, too, and I would love to try that out! I know it would probably be super expensive, as these straps are not cheap (in my opinion), but it would be cool to maybe have some different colors and maybe slightly thinner with some engravings on the wood perhaps? Just my thoughts- you can credit me when you sell out of that new design, Revo!

All in all, this is a beautifully made strap and very different to the other straps on the market. I also like the fact that it is harvested sustainably, too, so they are considering the environment. The retail price of these straps ranges from $79 to $99 which may be a little high for some people’s budget, but not so when you consider that it is hand crafted and made of such durable materials. Check out their website for details and specials.

These straps should last you a long time!


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