Product Review: Monster Grips – The Grip for Guitar Picks

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There seems to be a growth in popularity of pick grip products and I recently tried Monstergrips. They are a small, clear circular shaped silicone grip that you apply to your pick. You really can not see it, which is my favorite thing about this grip, so it is not distracting.

Monstergrips are extremely easy to use, just peel and apply to your pick. They are also designed so that you grip your pick lighter which results in better technique. I have been playing for so long and don’t have an issue with dropping picks but think it is a great product for beginning students since they are more likely to drop their picks.

It is also a great product for those who play professionally who may have a tendency to sweat under bright stage lighting. Monstergrips can also be used on drumsticks, microphones and even woodwind instruments — and probably a million other things. Even better, they are for sale through their website, 16 count for $8.99.

You can find more information about this unique product at:

Editor’s Note:  Monster Grips™ is a revolutionary guitar pick grip utilizing a patented silicone that is super grippy, non-sticky, and stays clean. So for those guitar players that struggle holding on to their picks and are looking for a way to keep them from slipping out of their fingers, this product can help. The company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign which ended very favorably.

~ Katrina Johannson

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