Product Review: Martin Marquis M1000 Marquis 80/20 XLString Review

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I have been asked about guitar strings, how often to change them, which brand sounds best (although that can be subjective), what gauge to use, the list of questions could take up this entire paragraph. I want to review my favorite acoustic guitar strings, Martin M1000 Marquis 80/20 XL.

Every time I have changed strings on an acoustic guitar, Martin Marquis strings make me feel like I just bought a brand new guitar. They are bright and designed to give excellent tone and response. The ball end is silk-wrapped which reduces wear on the bridge and bridge plate. In my research, I learned that this makes the strings ideal for vintage instruments.

String gauge can be a matter of preference, but most women have smaller hands and thinner fingers and I find the XL gauge easiest to play, especially if you are playing any lead guitar on your acoustic. It is best to change your strings often, especially if you are performing or recording, less chance of breaking a string and of course, sounds like a brand new guitar! Give these strings a try and let me know your favorites!

M1000 Extra Light: .010, .014, .023w, .030w, .039w, .047w
Tension: 130.2

~ Katrina Johannson

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