Product Review: La Luna Sound Guitar Picks

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La Luna Sound is a Denver based company that produces beautiful handcrafted guitar picks made from exotic woods such as Rosewood, Bubinga, Olive, as well as a few others. According to their website, they begin with micro-thin layers of wood, and then add an internal layer of natural fiber for strength, and those layers are then joined and glued together using 1,000+ pounds of pressure.

We met Patrick Cherry, the owner of La Luna Sound, at the NAMM Convention in Nashville this summer and was quite impressed with their picks and how they are made.

I tried the Rosewood pick and loved it. It was not too thick like some wood picks and this is the first wood pick that I actually did not break – which I expected from a wood pick, so I was impressed. And the difference in tone was noticeable. I do believe the sound produced using these picks is warmer.

La Luna’s website describes the variety of picks available and the different types of wood and the tones they produce. For example, Rosewood will emphasize the lower range of sound for bass and rhythm, while Olive and Ebony will produce a brighter sound.

Another great thing about La Luna Sound’s picks is that they are great for those who tend to drop their picks, as they seem easier to hold on to. I believe this is because La Luna says that every pick layer is hand scraped during the layering process to allow for better adhesion.

The company is committed to sustainable harvesting techniques and a portion of every sale goes to encourage these techniques in Central and South America.

I think this is a traditional looking pick and I would not be surprised to see more guitarists using them instead of the typical plastic pick.

They come in packs of three and I think would be a great gift for the guitar player in your life. You can purchase the picks directly from La Luna Sound’s website at

~ Katrina Johannson

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