Product Review: Ernie Ball 2004 Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Ernie Ball’s most popular and affordable acoustic string, the 2004 Earthwood 80/20 bronze acoustic guitar strings are crafted from 80% copper, 20% zinc wire wrapped around a hex-shaped tin plated steel core wire. The light strings are perfect for beginner fingers, but are also great for advanced players that may prefer to bend them while playing. The sound is crisp to the ears, yet carries a mellow, almost bass-like tone. But like most guitar strings, they will need to be changed out in several weeks of playing otherwise they will start to sound dull and will lose their sharpness. Also, be aware that because they are on the lighter side, they may have a tendency to snap easier than heavier strings.

Gauge: Light 11-15-22w-30-42-52

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