Product Review: Elixir NANOWEB Bass Stainless Steel Strings

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Last week I played my first gig using Elixir NANOWEB Bass Strings. I use Elixirs on my acoustic guitar, and I have been very impressed with the long-lasting tone, so I was curious how they would perform on my bass.


My first impression is how easily the strings tune up with little to no break in. I am not sure if this is due to the NANOWEB coating, but it was definitely noticeable. As I checked my tuning throughout the night, my bass stayed in tune with little to no adjustment needed.


Second thing I noticed was the feel. You cannot see the ultra-thin NANOWEB coating, but you can certainly feel the difference. The Elixirs are much smoother than regular stainless strings, offering a much lighter and easier feel.


I was curious how the Nanoweb coating would affect the sound. The Elixirs deliver, exceeding my expectations. The tone is punchy while still well rounded, providing the full range of sound needed to deliver that thick and beefy sound.

If the Elixir NANOWEB Bass Strings last as long as the Elixirs on my acoustic, it looks like I will be using Elixirs for all of my guitars.

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