Premiere: Maggie Schneider debuts new video for single ‘Tinted Glasses’

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    Singer-songwriter Maggie Schneider recently released her new EP, Tinted Glasses, of which she’s also premiering the music video for, exclusively on Guitar Girl Magazine. Tinted Glasses is a special collection, as it features Schneider’s love of all things life and her positive outlook. Tinted Glasses was produced by Rian Dawson, who’s known for his work with All Time Low.

    Check out the music video for “Tinted Glasses,” and find out what all Schneider has to say about her new EP, her collection of songs, the production and making the music video in our interview below:

    Guitar Girl Magazine: You just released your brand new EP, Tinted Glasses, which is a very happy and positive collection of songs. What point-of-view from the optimistic perspective influenced you the most?

    Maggie Schneider: I’m a very optimistic person and I’m a big believer that all of the experiences I’ve had have made me the person that I am today. The EP was definitely influenced by both the ups and downs of my own personal relationships, and the ways that I’ve grown as an artist and as a young woman along the way. The title of the EP is also very symbolic of the way I look at the world – I see my life and the people in it through rose-tinted glasses, and I think it’s important to make a difference through this positivity.

    Guitar Girl Magazine: You’ve been writing songs for over ten years, and you recently worked on the tracks this past winter featured on Tinted Glasses. What was that process like?  

    MS: Although I’ve been writing my own original songs and performing for about ten years, I worked on all of the songs that are featured on Tinted Glasses last winter. I felt really inspired during this time and wrote 12 songs in a 2-3 month period, which I later narrowed down to make the EP as strong and cohesive as possible. It was a quick process and my second release, and it was really difficult to wait to present the EP once all of the tracks were mixed and mastered! It was definitely worth it.

    Guitar Girl Magazine: How did you connect with your producer Rian Dawson?

    MS: I believe it was fate that Rian and I connected! I first met him at his studio when I was tracking piano and vocals for a collaboration with another band. On the last night of my trip, Rian told me that he’d love to work with me on my own project – Needless to say, I was stunned, and immediately followed up on his offer when I got back home. We then coordinated my studio time and worked together for about a week last summer. It was by far the most amazing experience of my life, and I’m beyond thankful for everything he has done for me.

    Guitar Girl Magazine: What was the experience like filming the music video for “Tinted Glasses”?

    MS: The experience filming the music video for “Tinted Glasses” was super fun and easy. Britain Weyant filmed, directed, and edited the video, and he’s always fun to work with. It was my first time really acting in a music video and I enjoyed working with Travis Daniel Blake, who stars as my male lead! He’s an awesome guy and singer himself, so it was hilarious to pretend that we weren’t getting along, because we get along so well!

    “Tinted Glasses” is definitely the most personal song on the EP, and I wanted the video to be just as raw. It’s all about wanting a relationship to work out so badly but having the other person pull away, and I think it showcases this universal idea honestly. I hope people can relate to it as much as I do!

    Guitar Girl Magazine: You also recently released “Chuck Bass,” which is an encouragement song for girls and women to stand up for themselves and for each other…what led you to title it “Chuck Bass”?

    MS: I co-wrote “Chuck Bass,” with Nick Pena, and we both wanted to make a sassy song all about women valuing themselves and maintaining their strength. We both were fans of “Gossip Girl,” and he had the original idea for the title, since the character is the antithesis of honesty and integrity. I’m a big fan of referencing pop culture in music, and thought it was a great way to make a positive statement about girls sticking up for themselves and for what is really important in relationships.

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