Music Premiere: Emily Frembgen’s Official Music Video for “Flower/Weed”

Photo by Adrian Buckmaster
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New York Americana artist Emily Frembgen partnered with a fellow friend and musician to film the Official Music Video for her single “Flower/Weed” from her upcoming album It’s Me or the Dog due to dop on September 24, 2021.

Frembgen worked with Hugh Pool at Excello Studios in Brooklyn where he has worked with Taj Mahal, Debbie Harry, and Michael Pitt, and a host of others. Joining her on the album are drummer Keith Robinson and bassist Charles Dechants.  The album is her most personal and fully realized offering to date.

In my opinion, this is the best song I’ve written. I never get tired of playing it. It’s about that person who monopolizes all your time & energy to boost their own ego but for some reason, you can never walk away. Dating is the pits! The video captures the loneliness & longing of the song really well. And the colors are pretty. 

Tell us about the video for “Flower/Weed”!

My pal and fellow musician Tom Shaner has this idea of shooting the video in the snow. We wanted to do it in 2019 but it never actually snowed! In the following year, we were blessed with an actual winter so Tom grabbed cameraman Sam Henriques and we went for it. We shot the interior shots in my apartment; it was a lot of fun.

What was the writing and recording process for “Flower/Weed”?

I had the lyrics for “Flower/Weed” set to a different chord progression originally and it wasn’t quite working. For the heck of it, I decided to try them out with this strange finger-picking pattern that I had been noodling with, and it just worked. I recorded it with my friend and producer Keith Xenos and his friend Charles Burst who is awesome at Figure 8 in Brooklyn. This is the only track on the album that wasn’t recorded at Excello.


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