Mia Giovina releases new single “Time Machine”: Who What Where When Why

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Who:  From New Jersey, 20-year-old singer-songwriter Mia Giovina is taking the internet by storm! Using her platform to share her message and incredible vocals, Mia is dedicated to having her music create a safe space for listeners everywhere. With over 175k+ followers on Tik Tok, Mia is creating a creative platform through rewriting popular songs and sharing her beautiful originals. In March, Mia released her debut single “Sirens” and it connected with listeners worldwide, racking up countless articles, playlists, and 200k+ streams and counting!

What:  Mia just released a single called “Time Machine.”

Where:  https://levelmusic.lnk.to/Time-Machine

When:  July 2, 2021

Why:  Time Machine captures the terrifying feeling of watching your childhood fade and the fear that life will never be that simple again. “With my closest friends off in cities hours from me and adulthood knocking it’s fist on my door, this song felt like it wrote itself more than I wrote it.” Sharing a clip of it on TikTok brought hundreds of thousands of people that had the exact same feelings as Mia, once again proving the power of music. “Whether you’re 17 or 70, I hope this song makes you feel something.”



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