Listen: Nicole Kiki Jaffe releases new single “Stay”

Photo by Ojo De Loba
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Rising indie rock songwriter and musician from L.A., Nicole Kiki Jaffe released her new single, “Stay” today. Take a listen!

“Stay is not a love song. It’s a song about love. Can love coexist with trauma and eventually overcome it? This song is my attempt to find out. It’s my plea to someone I once loved, someone who hurt me in ways that are hard to talk about. I revisit all the little moments like vignettes to try and understand what happened. When a bone breaks, the site of the fracture heals and eventually becomes the strongest part. I wanted to see if we could heal and if the broken part could become stronger. And so I asked him to stay. To stay instead of running away. To stay so I could understand. To stay so I could take back what was taken from me. To stay so I could forgive him. To stay so that I might love again and without reservation.” – Nicole Kiki Jaffe

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