Issue 11- Spring 2020 – SoCal

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Spring is here! Wow, it seems like just yesterday it was Winter, and the NAMM show in Anaheim, California was in full swing. Speaking of California, we have a great issue in store for you with lots to learn about Southern California and some of the lyrics and music it has inspired over the years. Southern California is also the home of guitar innovation and iconic manufacturers including Leo Fender’s radio repair shop turned electric guitar factory known then as the Fender Electric Instrument Company or simply Fender.


We are so excited about this issue where you will find great stories about the She Rocks Awards Show, Joni Mitchell and the Les Paul Innovation Award, the NAMM Show, surfin’ guitars, Ladies of the Canyon, iconic SoCal music venues, and so much more.

Lisa Loeb is our cover artist and with her we get into the complexities of life and A Simple Trick to Happiness, her new album released in February this year that takes her from her focus on writing music for kids back to her “fellow adults” and examines her life as an adult (Mother, Wife, Artist, and Business Woman).

This month’s edition also features interviews with some very talented musicians and women in music including Beth Marlis on Musicians Institute, Laura B. Whitmore on Women’s International Music Network, Lynda Kay Parker on her new double album Black & Gold, LA punk rock icon Alice Bag on LA’s diverse music scene, Manda Mosher on California Country, Jennifer Young on the Travis Larson Band, Mustangs of the West on reuniting after 20 years, and Elise Trouw, Jessica Kaczmarek, and Katie Garibaldi on instruments and music. In addition, we will be talking tone with Jimena Fosado, Beth Marlis, Malina Moye, Serena Laurel, Jessy Covets, Janet Robin, Moa Munoz, and Leanne Bowes.

If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, Nikki O’Neill offers insight on steps she has taken to overcome the issue, while Kathryn Cloward offers advice on achieving goals, and Leigh Fuge gives a lesson on pop-punk riffs.

Martin Guitar released a new model at Winter NAMM that we’re very excited about – the SC13-E. Be sure to check out our new gear reviews including new products from Martin, Fender, Taylor, and Yamaha, with pedals and accessories by EarthQuaker Devices, Elixir Strings, and Get’m Get’m Straps. Also included in this issue is our very popular bag of fun stuff with “Ask Alexx,” Adult Coloring, I Spy, and Mind Games. And, be sure to check out ‘What We’re Reading Now’ here at GGM!

Well, that about covers it, so turn the pages that follow and enjoy!

~ Tara Low


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