Concert Review: Meiko at Eddie’s Attic

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Georgia native Meiko performed at Eddie’s Attic on Sunday, Dec. 23, before a sold out show.  She was quite humbled and appreciative to have such a great crowd on a Sunday evening before Christmas.

Angel Snow, an American singer-songwriter from Nashville, was the opening act and was very energetic and got the audience in the mood with her sensitive ballads and throaty vocals.  She chuckled when she spoke of the new turquoise blue velvet dress she was wearing and said her mother told her she looked like a Christmas present, but wow, when she started singing, the real present was for the audience.   Angel performed performed songs off of her new album “Fortune Tellers” along with her album “Angel Snow.”

Meiko is from a small town outside of Atlanta- Roberta, GA with a population of right around 1,000.  She took the stage with her Gibson acoustic and humbly thanked everyone for showing up and supporting her.  She then launched in to her set and detailed the inspiration behind each of her songs…which are quite amusing!  She has a tongue-and-cheek sense of humor to her songs.  With her soft and sultry voice, she launched into the “Piano Song” followed by “Reasons to Love You.”  She jokes that her next song “How Lucky We Are” was originally titled S**tty Apartment. “Leave the Lights On” which has become one of her more popular tunes was written about a scandalous affair and “Good Looking Loser” was written about the breakup with a loser boyfriend of four years.

Meiko talked of how a lot of her songs are sad songs, so she’s tried to lighten them up and write some more “happy” tunes like “Stuck on You.”  She continued on with several other songs, “Under My Bed” and “Hawaii”, and thended with “Boys with Girlfriends” which was inspired by a friendship that she developed with another musician that had a very jealous girlfriend.

As always, Eddie’s Attic is a great boutique venue in Decatur, GA to enjoy acoustic shows and I was not disapponted with the performances of Angel Snow and the headliner, Meiko!

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