Album Review: Amilia K Spicer – ‘Wow and Flutter’

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Some songs can be a vocal representation of ones’ memories.  They will conjure up shelved thoughts that once ran through the mind on a warm day late in the summer.  Well Amilia K Spicer’s new album due out later this month, is like that for sure.  Wow and Flutter is like a grainy celluloid playback of daydreams behind closed eyes.

That should not really be all that surprising for anyone who knows Spicer.  Having grown up in rural Pennsylvania, spending time in Austin, and moving to L.A. with aspirations to be a film director; this singer songwriter is bringing you into her life’s travels through a recollection of images.  Yes, that does not sound very special in the grand scheme of song writing, but for Spicer it is all in her approach.  The lead in track ‘Fill Me Up’ with its banjo rhythm, fiddle moan, and quickstep pace, layers a rich taste at all that has come to create this album.  That seems casual in its representation but is very well considered in its meandering nature.

Songs like ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Shake It Off’ take the listener through a purposeful journey that is very reminiscent of Cowboy Junkies pacing and, well, … the voice also has that velvet and breathy husk to it, too.  This album is about experiences, plain and simple.  The fact that its designing artist shed a life of piano to learn the guitar just to share it at a campfire session says a lot.  Those images stay with most regardless of how many times they are experienced!  Even though she is categorized as Folk, this is Folk without the associated fault.  This album is as organic as it gets but as the soil under one’s feet, extremely complex.

Spicer is taking all those experiences and memories and bringing them together for us all to hear in her new lingering daydream called Wow and Flutter.  Time never fully releases you from your past and from what I can tell, nor should it.

Wow and Flutter is due out April 28th via Free Range Records.  Spicer will be conducting a supporting radio tour through April, and then dates with American Folk Musician John Gorka this June.  Make sure you catch her at one of her show experiences near you.

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Wow and Flutter

Track Listing:

  1. Fill Me Up
  2. Harlan
  3. This Town
  4. Shotgun
  5. Lightning
  6. Train Wreck
  7. Shake It Off
  8. Windchill
  9. Down to the Bone
  10. Wild Horses
  11. What I’m Saying
  12. Shine

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