Tips for Singers

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Voice Coach ILana Martin is the founder of the Vocal Workout Singing School in New York City and has trained such high profile celebrities as Sean Garrett, P. Diddy and Dirty Money to name a few. ILana has an extensive background in music and offers a few tips for singers.

1. It is essential to keep a grounded footing when you sing.  Try to keep your feet firmly planted and knees slightly bent during the full notes, especially.

2. When you sing, it is the air you keep, not the air you take, that makes each note ring powerfully.

3. Enjoy the journey.  Every singer benefits from feeling the passion of a subject before they sing about it.

4. Sit down and talk.  An audience often relates just as much to what you bring to the table as far as your story, as they do when hearing your music.  Take time between songs to share your story as you share your gift.

5. Remember your benefactors. Some of the freshest opportunities often emerge from your contacts and through mentors made during early years starting out. Always honor and remark upon your mentors.

Keep these tips in mind as you continue on your road to success.

ILana Martin, Director
Vocal Workout Singing School

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