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As a musician, I’m sure you have been selling merchandise at one of your shows and one of your fans was short on cash. There are various issues such as: the venue does not have an ATM or it charges inflated amounts that a fan is not willing to spend. With that being said, Square Card Reader is something every musician should know about. Square card reader is an app that allows you to turn your (select) smart phone or iPad into a credit card machine.

Square card reader is available for Apple devices running iOS 4 and up, as well as Android devices running Android 2.2 and up. Signing up is quick and easy, once you’ve downloaded the app. During the sign up process you will be prompted for your address. Once you have filled out the information, they know where to send you your new free Square Card Reader. Square’s low rate of 2.75% per swipe is non-fluctuating which keeps costs low.

Square is easy for a musician to utilize. Also, it is easy for the customer to sign with their finger after they see the price that you enter. The receipt for each purchase is conveniently sent by either text or email to the customer. Bands that accept credit cards at their shows have reported to Square that they have almost doubled their merchandise sales at their shows.

Square has enabled and even made it easier for bands that have a lot of merchandise by introducing their latest app Square Register, a variation of Square card reader that turns your iPad into a register with customizable inventory and the same simple pricing that Square Card Reader offers.

Seizing the opportunity to make money from your show is now even better with the Square Card Reader app. With this app you can now accept credit cards, which gives all your fans the opportunity to buy your merchandise.

To get Square Card Reader or more information on Square Card, head over to the Apple Apps store, the Android Market, or sign up online at

~ Justin Petrucci

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