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Every night thousands of bands get on stage and play in front of fans in venues across the country. Every day bands are booking gigs trying to get their name out there with everyone else. Well, how do you know when your favorite bands are in town? How do you keep up with who’s playing where and when? The way you used to find out when your favorite bands were playing is by signing up for newsletters, going on to your local venue’s crappy website, or collecting show flyers that you were given the last time you we out.

Thanks to BandsInTown, those days are behind us.

What exactly is BandsInTown? BandsInTown is a concert discovery app on Facebook. It can be found in the App Store and Google Play for concert goers and artists. BandsInTown provides a personalized way for fans to track their favorite artists and discover new touring artists. This app does this based on the musical preferences and the location of the fan using it. BandsInTown can also sync up with Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Pandora,, and Spotify. BandsInTown notifies you by using Facebook or email based on your preferences. Since I was referred to the App about six months ago, I have been using it regularly to find out about national and local acts. It has always been convenient and accurate while I’ve used it.

Who else can use BandsInTown?

BandsInTown is also used by artists big and small. With BandsInTown, artists are given a clean and easy platform that allows them to promote their live concerts, sell tickets, and merchandise. The artist platform is integrated with all the social media the heart could desire such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and more. The BandsInTown App looks like a clean calendar with the artists custom header to their fans and is an extensive promotional tool for them as well.

You might want to think about heading over to the App Store or Google Play to download BandsInTown if you’re an artist and want to promote your show, sell more tickets, and merchandise. You might want to do the same if you’re a concert fan and you want to be up to date on the #1 downloaded concerts listing provider for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

~ Justin Petrucci


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