Create & Innovate: Dreams to Realities – Your Music & the Not-So-Typical Venue

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As innovative DIY artists and musicians, we are in a new revolution of creating and performing. We are continuously striving to find various and unique ways to move forward with our musical and creative goals every day. How about booking and performing your music at not so typical places or new-age “venues”?

With the rise of living room concerts by musicians of many multitudes, the idea has spurred interest in many as I’ve seen living room concerts become a fairly typical “venue” for artists nowadays. Several years ago, I self-booked an acoustic tour regionally in a national chain of bookstores that also incorporated music and movies, mainstream and alternative into their stores, a nice mix of everything for us to showcase pop/rock songs in an acoustic setting. Think of places your fans, your band go to on a regular basis. Why not book a show there? As long as there’s a bit of room for your band and your audience, electric outlets if need be, no sort of strict noise ordinance and an ability to sell your merch and/or tickets to that night’s show, you’re set!

Tips to booking shows & tours at the not-so-typical venue:

*If your not so typical venue of choice happens to not be someone’s living room, make sure while booking that you discuss with the owner or manager why you want to bring an audience and perform at their “venue” and why it would be beneficial to you and for them.

*Think about the unique branding opportunities it would bring to your band. For example, a member of your band is sponsored by a line of t-shirts – go to every business that sells that line of t-shirts regionally around your hometown to cross-promote a regional in-store tour tied in with the partnership of the t-shirt line.

*Performing in non-traditional venues also allows creativity to flow in a way that you may not get to express in a typical venue; whether it’s an elaborate setup of your stage or the way you get to promote the show itself.

*Brainstorm and create interesting promotional material for your show or tour in your not-so-typical venue of choice. In example, unique merch items become available to your audience or a pre-show jam session with your fans.

*Remember to create a connection between your band, audience and selected venue. A folk band in a library, a rockabilly country act in an old school diner/gas station.


-Route 66 style gas stations
-Airstream trailers, RVs, tour buses
-Recording studios-Small businesses

Where have you and/or your band performed that would be considered a not-so-typical venue? Why? How did it go?

By Daisy Rock sponsored artist Jillian Riscoe of pop band Red Velvet Crush

June 2012 (C)

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Jillian Riscoe is a multifaceted creative individual - vocalist, songwriter, musician, writer. Since the age of just 7 years old, she has performed and created a diverse array of musical and creative endeavors for herself including fronting the award winning pop/rock band Red Velvet Crush with guitarist/songwriter Daniel Mendala based out of Kansas City, MO. Sponsorships include Daisy Rock Guitars and indie cosmetics line Belladonna's Cupboard. You can find her regularly performing across the US and listen to Red Velvet Crush's new EP Crystal Clear recorded in Nashville on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and Google Play. Connect w/ Jillian on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat @jillianriscoe and Email:


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