Create & Innovate: Dreams to Realities – How to Create Your Perfect Vision Board

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Point A to point B. Dreams to realities. How do you get all of your dreams and goals, whether big or small, recognized, organized then accomplished?

…Writing each and every one down.

Being artists and musicians, our goals tend to range from something as small as raising enough money through gigs to buy the 12 string acoustic guitar you’ve always wanted to “bigger picture” goals such as going on a sponsored national tour of everywhere and in between.

As confident and talented artists, we know we can do it all though we all catch ourselves sometimes asking, “How exactly can I make this happen?” Envisioning your dreams and goals and actually writing them down, with a step by step success process can have “magic” results to your ever-evolving success story…start with these tips and keep rockin’!

Tips to creating your perfect vision board:

*Every artist, musician or band’s vision board is unique. Be very detailed or keep it totally simple. Whatever helps you and/or your band stay motivated to turn your dreams into realities!

*Write each goal and its step-by-step success process (what the goal is and the steps you will take to achieve it) on individual sheets of paper, post-it notes, notecards or even create sections on a poster board, chalkboard or dry erase board.

*Use color! When writing down the goals and the steps, use various colors of ink; the color draws attention to your eye so your board won’t blend into anything else in the room that it’s in!

*Make sure to include goals of each level of “success” you and your band are working towards achieving. Have simple ones like finish several songs for the upcoming EP to the bigger scale goals such as get the single licensed on a popular TV show, open for your favorite band.

*Add in motivational pictures, lyrics and quotes to the board for extra confidence and inspiration.

*When you’ve accomplished a goal on your vision board, check it off or place it on a separate board you’ve created (a “success” board;) it will help you see that your goals and your step by step success process are being put into action and succeeding; dreams turning into realities.

By Daisy Rock sponsored artist, Jillian Riscoe of Red Velvet Crush

© May 2012

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Jillian Riscoe is a multifaceted creative individual - vocalist, songwriter, musician, writer. Since the age of just 7 years old, she has performed and created a diverse array of musical and creative endeavors for herself including fronting the award winning pop/rock band Red Velvet Crush with guitarist/songwriter Daniel Mendala based out of Kansas City, MO. Sponsorships include Daisy Rock Guitars and indie cosmetics line Belladonna's Cupboard. You can find her regularly performing across the US and listen to Red Velvet Crush's new EP Crystal Clear recorded in Nashville on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and Google Play. Connect w/ Jillian on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat @jillianriscoe and Email:


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