A Guide to Picking Your Ultimate Guitar

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There are lots of different guitars out there these days. And they are all suited to different kinds of music. Not sure which one will be best for your style? No problem; here is our guide to choosing the best guitar to rock out with.

Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

Are you just starting out with the guitar? Then a nylon string acoustic guitar is what you need, also known as a classical guitar. These are often the cheapest guitars to buy, so you won’t be wasting too much money if you find out guitar playing isn’t for you. The nylon strings are soft on the fingers. Many beginners toughen up their fingers on these softer strings before moving on to a steel string guitar.

Acoustic Guitar Photo:  Pexels.com

Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Slightly more advanced than its nylon string cousin, the steel string acoustic is a louder and rockier guitar. It is often used in jazz, country, and folk music, as well as some acoustic rock numbers. If you’ve never plucked steel strings before, you will find them hard going on your fingers. But persevere and you’ll soon become used to strumming away on these awesome instruments!


Electric Guitar

Once you have mastered the acoustic guitar, it’s time to move on to something heavier: electric! Playing an electric guitar can be quite expensive because you will also need to buy an amplifier. But you can still buy one without an amp; in fact, they can sometimes be easier to play without any add-ons if you are new to electric. And you won’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors! The fretboards on an electric guitar are very narrow and require a lot of practice to play well. But the narrowness will be different depending on the type of electric guitar you go for. Not sure which one is for you? Check out the best types according to according to buzzharmony.com.


Bass Guitar

A bass guitar may not be rocking out the main tune, but it is key in any band. You’d really notice the difference without a bass guitarist – and not in a good way! Even though there aren’t as many types of bass guitars as rhythm guitars, you still need to know what you are looking for. Prices can vary widely; unless you’re a novice, it is best not to go for anything too cheap. One of the main questions you need to ask yourself is: how many strings? A four string guitar is best for beginners. Five string ones add an extra B note and can, therefore, produce deeper sounds. These are very popular with hard rock, jazz-fusion, and metal bassists.

Once you have decided on your preferred guitar, you can start practicing! The key to good guitar playing is practice, practice, and more practice. Even if you don’t get it first time around, keep on at it. Some people switch guitar types too early on if they don’t feel comfortable with their first choice. However, practicing can make all the difference!


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