6 Motivators to Start Playing Piano as a Guitarist

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Whether you are a seasoned jazz musician or a solo lead guitarist, you can re-imagine your talent to the piano. Many complex melodies and chords are transcribed with ease to traditional sheet music. Mastering a new instrument can bring insight and build upon your skill-set.You can improve your knowledge of music theory while enjoying the same music you already love to play. Not to mention there are scientifically founded physical and mental benefits to becoming a pianist. Here are 6 motivators to help you on your journey to playing piano as a guitarist.

1.    Improves Your Hand Strength and Coordination

According to scientific studies, playing piano greatly improves your hand-eye coordination. With steady practice, you will increase finger speed, coordination, and hand strength. Many guitarists see the importance of having precise fingering strength to form complex chords. If you find yourself struggling to maintain note integrity during intense chord switching then may find the piano to be an effective strength training tool. Small uprights are the best pianos for beginners to learn the basics when considering cost.

2.    You Can Learn from Songs You Know Already

If you play guitar through classical sheet music, then you can move to piano with ease. All of the same notes that you are accustomed to are laid out in front of you by simply striking a key without the intricate patterns to achieve the same sound. It’s like playing open chords or triads on the guitar, but you won’t have to worry with barring or muting strings. Chord structure on a piano is a repeating pattern that can be moved across the scale. It works similarly to guitar in that barred major chords are built upon the pattern of open E.

3.    Reduces Stress and Anxiety

In 2013, NCBI published a study on the impact piano playing has on stress-related mental illness. According to their findings, piano practice and study has a positive impact on “cognitive function, mood and quality of life in older adults.” You may find that a little practice can improve your overall mental state. They noted that people who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, and similar mental illnesses found it easy to have a positive outlook on their daily lives. Adding a few minutes a day to your regular routine may add an often overlooked positivity to your life as well.

4.    Neurological Benefits

IInstitut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi I Sunyer conducted a study on the neurological advantages of various leisure and educational activities. They discovered that piano was more effective at psychological improvements than sports, painting, and other hobbies. Playing piano as a guitarist may improve your thinking and cognitive sharpness.

5.    Expands Your Cultural Learning

Through learning multiple instruments you can expand on styles of music you play. Different forms of instrumentation have their own unique traditional styles and methods. Where you may not be familiar with a specific approach on guitar you may find yourself more capable using diverse mediums. Learning stylized piano arrangements could very well expand your musical resume. You can branch out into other genres that you didn’t consider before.

6.    Helps You Visualize Music Theory

Some of the first self-playing pianos were created in the mid-1800’s to entertain and train aspiring musicians. Today we have modern technology through MIDI keyboards and computer software that can be used to learn skill through repetition with no formal music education. You too can benefit from this method of learning to help you visualize the notes you play and how they interact. Looking at music theory with a clearer view might have a huge impact on the way you see sounds.


You’ve already conquered the art of guitar. Persistence helped you through the obstacles and hurdles you faced with every string you plucked. Persistence will turn you into a pianist. Stay motivated and before long you’ll reap the rewards. You only need to dedicate yourself and commit the proper amount of time with patience to reach your goals. Start your journey to playing piano as a guitarist today.

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~ Jason Antoon

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