Rocktron Guitar Silencer Noise Reduction Guitar Effects Pedal

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There are so many guitar effect pedals on the market that sometimes one can get overwhelmed with all that is out there. One of the most important things I, and a lot of other guitarists, consider is the simplicity and quality that a pedal has. That was one of the reasons why I liked this Rocktron Guitar Silencer pedal so much.

A good noise reduction pedal is a must for a guitarist who plays with distortion as it eliminates that obnoxious buzz and hum when you aren’t playing. It’s an unavoidable byproduct of boosting your signal so much to get those great chunky and meaty distortion sounds. It’s a must for guitarists playing heavier distorted music these days.

I used this pedal at a show recently to try it out, and although the music I was playing wasn’t the heaviest of metal, it still did the trick to clean the buzz and hum in my tone. First, I did not set it up as the first pedal chain as the diagram included with the pedal illustrated. I placed it after the two distortion pedals I use (one for distortion and the second as a boost for solos) and it worked like a dream. It features two simple knobs, one GATE knob, and one HUSH knob.

The GATE knob controls the level in which the noise reduction engages. I set it to the level just barely above where I noticed it killed the hum. Out of curiosity, I kept raising it, and it just seemed to lower my volume – it all depends on how much gain you are pushing I suppose. The HUSH knob seemed to affect the abruptness of the noise gate effect, the lower settings seemed to be more gradual, where the higher hush settings really chopped it abruptly. I could see the lower setting being useful for someone taking a solo where you want a little more finesse and the higher setting for someone chunking out heavily distorted rhythm parts. 

Overall, this was an extremely effective and easy pedal to use. I read some customer reviews about this pedal, and it seems very well received. For a retail price of around $129, it is a great investment for those guitarists looking to clean up that buzz and hum for your distortion pedals and amps. This was a great pedal and another great product from Rocktron!  


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SOURCEGuitar Girl Magazine Issue 6
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