Product Review: Squier by Fender Classic Vibe ’60s Precision Bass

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 9 – Autumn 2019 – Ladies of Metal

I am a guitarist who has recently been resurrected from playing bass. I always had smaller hands, so when I first started playing bass, I sometimes had challenges with playing and reaching all the fat frets on a thick bass neck. Recently, this Squier by Fender made me realize just how much I missed playing the bass.

For starters, it’s lightweight and not cumbersome to hold while playing or even running through the airport on a busy weekend. With a thick headstock and lightweight but not fragile tuning pegs, this P-Bass quickly became my weekend relaxation.

One of my favorite things about this bass is the fretboard material. This neck was built with an Indian Laurel fretboard on a maple neck and has a nice touch to it while still being tough. I found it easier to walk up the neck on this bass than others.

This bass definitely gave way to a classic old school tone and look inspired by the ‘60s P-Bass. I would recommend this bass to anyone that may be like me and just getting back into the groove of the instrument.

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Street price:  $349.99

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