Product Review: PRS SE Angelus A60E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Guitar Girl Magazine reviewed the PRS A60E Angelus acoustic-electric guitar in our Winter 2019 edition.

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 10 – Winter 2019 – Acoustic Artists

As a guitar player, when talking acoustic guitars, we all have our opinions on brands, and certain ones always seem to come to the top. PRS was not one that immediately came to my mind, but the A60E Angelus surprised me and changed my mind. It has a particular tonal quality if you are looking for a deeper, smoother sounding acoustic.

The A60E sounds glorious alone or plugged in. Part of this is due to the PRS Hybrid X / Classical Bracing, a mix between the bracing on “Torres-inspired” classical guitars and steel-string guitars, which adds to the resonance. Adding to this glorious sound are the woods used in the construction. The back and sides are Ziricote layers, giving it that rosewood warmth, paired with a solid Sitka spruce top finishing it off with the bright, full clarity perfect for fingerpickers or the aggressive acoustic player.

For aesthetics, the A60E is absolutely beautiful. It comes in a stunning natural finish with ebony fretboard and a curly maple binding. The signature PRS bird inlays in abalone always catch my eye when playing. Balancing out the curly maple used on the fretboard, it is also used for the binding. The abalone soundhole rosette details round out the beauty of the A60E. The “A” in the series model represents the Angelus cutaway body style, which I have become quite a fan of as the cutaway allows me to play those hard to reach high notes with ease.

The Angelus comes equipped with the Fishman GT1 pickups, which sound excellent and showcase the character of the guitar. It projects the highs and emphasizes the lows without making it sound too boomy.

If you are craving an acoustic-electric guitar that sounds great, is solidly built, versatile, comfortable to play, stage-worthy, and competitively priced, the PRS A60E fits the bill. It has some different tonal qualities that should not be overlooked — I think it can be a great guitar used for country and rock, especially in a full band situation.

It also comes with a hardshell case, which is great for gigging musicians or those of you that travel a lot and need that added protection. Even if you don’t travel much, it is nice to know you have a safe place to store your cherished instrument. I’ve never been a fan of gig bags, so kudos to PRS for including a nice case at this price point.

Price:  $1,099.00

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