Product Review: Martin Magnifico Premium Classical Guitar Strings

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 10 – Winter

Finally, a set of classical guitar strings that don’t have a plunky nylon sound. I was amazed at how full and rich the Martin Magnifico Premium Classical Guitar Strings sounded. Developed exclusively with Aquila, they offer precise intonation and exceptional tuning stability. The proprietary synthetic material used was designed to emulate timeless gut strings, so it gives it more bite than typical nylon strings but still gives you a creamy, mellow tone.

I had an old classical guitar that I had not played for quite a while that needed some new strings, so I pulled her out, cleaned her up, and tried the Martin Magnifico Premium Strings in the normal tension (M265) — they also come in a hard tension (M165) tension. It’s very inviting and natural to play. It feels good as your fingers glide over each string. I’ve never been a huge fan of nylons because I feel like your fingers get caught up with the friction, but that’s just my personal feelings.

“Full and rich.”

I would absolutely choose these in a studio situation. It has a distinct smooth clarity that would shine in a mix. The G, B, and high E strings are grey instead of clear or black, which I thought was interesting. These also only come in tie-end knot ball end. So, if you don’t know how to string a guitar with tie-end strings, have no fear as there are plenty of tutorials out there that show you how easy it is.

“Emulate timeless gut strings.”

These Martin Magnifico’s settle in well. I had minimal tuning issues right from the start. I thought it was going to take longer, but it didn’t take much time at all. I highly recommend these all around. Between the clarity in the tone, playability, and comfort, I would say these are definitely worth trying out and hearing for yourself.

As stated from the Martin Guitar site, Martin’s premium classical strings are tonally superior to nylon.

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