Product Review: Ernie Ball Earthwood Acoustic Guitar Strings, Medium 13-56

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Needing a heavier string for my Tacoma EF21CE7TCE, which is usually tuned in many different alternate tunings in one live performance, I decided to try the Ernie Ball Earthwood strings. These are 80/20 Bronze Alloy and although they do make my fingers and hands a little black from an allergy to some kind of metal, they are not nearly as bad as the phosphor bronze strings that I usually have a problem with. The sound of these strings is rich with tone, from a wonderful high end to the low bass sounds of the lower strings, especially when tuned down to double drop D or something similar.

The sturdiness of these strings is amazing. I can play them for hours and hours in a live scenario, where I am working the guitar and the strings to death, and the tone never seems to fade. These are really a great value for the price!

Changing the tuning of a guitar in a live situation where one has many different tunings, is tough on the strings. The player has to take in the details – how many different tunings do you put your guitar through in one gig, how hard do you play, what is the temperature and humidity in the venues where you are performing, etc., and a heavier string might be the answer for someone who is harder on their guitar and strings. Personally, I have one guitar that I always use with medium strings, preferably the thinnest would be a 13, the heavy strings down to 46 and 56. The sound is deep and rich, but the lasting quality of the heavier strings in my situation is key.

These Ernie Ball strings will be a mainstay in my gear bag and on my EF21.

List $4.99 and up, check out

Note:  Played in April and May 2018 in high and low altitude, with various winter and spring temps and low humidity.



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