Product Review: C.F. Martin & Co. Lifespan® 2.0 Treated 80/20 Bronze Authentic Acoustic Guitar Strings

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 7

My Gibson J-160E John Lennon Reproduction acoustic was in need of a new set of strings, and I’ve been wanting to try out Martin’s new Authentic Acoustic strings that were introduced last fall. Martin’s announcement said they had been working on new technology for several years to help protect the core wire and the wrap wire to help prevent corrosion and to reduce finger drag.

So, I spent one morning restringing my guitar with the Lifespan® 2.0 MA175T 80/20 Custom Light 11s. These are treated bronze wound strings that had a crisp feel and sound. After changing out my old strings with these Authentic Acoustics, wow! I mean the difference jumped out at me…granted it’s a jumbo body guitar that projects a big sound, but the Martin strings gave it clarity and accentuated the highs and the lows as I ran through some of my favorite Beatles’ songs.

I have had these strings on my guitar for about a month or so. Sometimes brand-new strings need some play before you can really evaluate them, and now that I have had some time with them, I can give them a double thumbs up for sound projection, comfort, and feel. I usually like a lighter gauge than 11, but my fingers have no problem pressing these strings on the tougher chords or even for a little bending. After a month of playing on a daily basis, they still sound fresh and feel brand new.


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