Product Review: B&G Little Sister Crossroads Electric Guitar

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine June 2018 issue.

The Little Sister Crossroads is a more affordable version of the Little Sister Private Build guitar from the Tel Aviv based guitar company, B&G Guitars. This small workshop focuses on creating quality guitars by making everything themselves. And that means everything! From mixing their own glue to casting their own brass hardware. All of this extra effort really makes their guitars shine. B&G does a lot of research to make guitars that feel and sound like a piece of history.

To make the Little Sister Crossroads more accessible to a broader market, they outsourced the manufacturing of this particular model to Asia, still adhering to their strict guidelines for high-quality materials and workmanship.

Pulling it out of the case, my first thought was “Oh, nice!” and there is a very good reason for that. The amount of thought and care that went into this instrument was well worth it. It is truly a gem and one of the most visually appealing guitars I have played in a long time. It comes in a cutaway and non-cutaway version, and it has two beautiful finishes to choose from.

It is undeniably beautiful from the African mahogany body to the solid brass hardware. My favorite thing about this guitar is how incredibly easy it is to play. It is a very light and a smaller-sized guitar. The one-piece African mahogany neck is full and very comfortable, and the action is low. Everything felt smooth, and I had no trouble at all sliding up and down the neck.

The tone of the Little Sister lives up to its blues-based inspiration 100 percent, and it delivers the fat and throaty tones promised by B&G. Acoustically, it is fairly loud and nice to play even unplugged. I have a soft spot in my heart for non-solid-body guitars. I really appreciate the resonance here, both unplugged and plugged in.

I would also categorize it as a “plug-and-play” instrument. I got a very nice sound out of it without much fuss. The resonance gives it a nice full and warm tone, and the clarity is really where the quality of craftsmanship shines through. It is clear that the design of this instrument was well thought out.

When plugged into an amp, this guitar is also incredibly versatile. The switch on the body of the guitar takes the guitar from clean to twangy with a very open sound when in the middle position. This guitar is very well suited for both strumming and fingerpicking. I’m very impressed with the wide variety of styles that this guitar would work well for.

While it is not a great option for the budget-minded guitar shopper, B&G’s Little Sister Crossroads is definitely worth the $1,450 price tag. The craftsmanship and sound are hard to beat! 

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