Zylia announces a new Chinese distributor

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POZNAN, Poland — June 30th, 2021 Zylia, an industry leader in 3D audio recording, announced a partnership agreement with Chinese distributor Best Crews. Customers from The Middle Kingdom are now able to purchase all ZYLIA products from the local provider, including the ZYLIA 6 Degrees of Freedom Navigable Audio solution. A tribute to Asian users of Zylia’s equipment is also a Chinese language version of the ZYLIA Studio software, that will be very soon introduced by the developer.

The great potential of the Chinese music market

Zylia specializes in producing and developing solutions for all audio creators – from amateur musicians, composing and recording at home, through sound engineers working with professional equipment, and finishing on VR designers, game developers, and audio researchers exploring navigable, multidimensional audio.  Already settled in Europe and North America, now conquers the fastest-growing market of China, which as shown in statistics possesses over 750 million digital music users with an expected rise by another 50 million in 2023. What is more, the largest share of the industry revenue is generated by music streaming and reaches every year an equivalent of over 700 million U.S. dollars.*

‘We were observing the Chinese market for quite some time, considering the right moment to enter it with our offer and seeking the best local partner. Best Crews won our trust thanks to their professionalism, pro-customer approach, and great passion for music and technology. I hope that with easy access to Zylia’s solutions our Chinese customers will be able to create outstanding 3D audio productions and pursue their music passions’ – says Tomasz Żernicki, CEO of Zylia.

Best Crews has several subsidiaries, including Shanghai Touch Sound and Shanghai Top Ear. They are working with key pro-audio brands’ hardware and software distribution, such as Behringer, Yamaha and Running Man. They also provide online technical training and promotion over multiple media platforms.

From the beginning of 2021, Best Crews has become an official distributor of Zylia in China (including Hong Kong and Macau). It is also a council member of The Shanghai Computer Music Association (SCMA).


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