Watch Kensington Moore’s official music video for ‘I Don’t Like You Anymore’

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From Nashville to now LA songwriter Kensington Moore is sharing the official video for her latest single, “I Don’t Like You Anymore,” which is available now to stream on her official YouTube channel. The video was directed and filmed by MannyFigs with Mohtion Films.

“Manny and I are both huge fans of the show Black Mirror,” Kensington explains. “We were really inspired to make something futuristic and Black Mirror-esque. In the video, you will see that most of it takes place in an alternate reality – a virtual reality, if you will. In this VR world we created, there is a time limit of only 60 minutes every time you visit. When your time in this VR world runs out, there is a big flash of light as you check back into reality. In our VR world, I meet a guy and start to catch feelings. By the end of the video, he finds a note confessing my love for him. It’s implied that we are both on the same page and seems as if we have a very sweet and normal relationship. Our hearts are human but our connection is digital. So was it ever even real in the first place?”


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