Ladies Turn Global Makes Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Women and Children

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LAS VEGAS — The mission at Ladies Turn Global is simple yet powerful: to provide women with the resources and opportunities they need to create and establish themselves within a safe, healthy, sustainable and scalable ecosystem. Since the nonprofit’s inception as The Emerald Foundation in 2017, the organization has been dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of women and their children, fostering their growth, and providing them with the resources they need to thrive.

“At Ladies Turn Global, we provide education and career development programs, mental health support, and organize community-building events that foster connection and empowerment,” said founder and CEO Roxana Valeton. “We do this through collaboration and direct engagement with clients and community partners.”

Among the nonprofit’s vital services are:

Anti-Trafficking Support and Awareness: Their mission is to raise awareness; design technology to warn young ladies, locate victims and identify “Bad Guys”; advocate for stronger laws and policies to protect the rights of victims; and provide support and resources for survivors to help them rebuild their lives.

Mental Health Support: Ladies Turn Global works to raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by women with mental illness, provide support and resources for those in need, and advocate for better access to mental health care and services.

Youth Development: Mission is to provide education and resources for young women to help them grow and reach their full potential while also promoting safety and well-being. Under this program, males can participate in certain initiatives and training until the age of 25.

Women Helping Women: Through a variety of opportunities for women to get involved, including volunteer projects, fundraising events and educational workshops, Ladies Turn Global aims to create a community of women who come together to support and empower each other, and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

“Individuals will appreciate our distinctive approach to empowering women, the support we offer to those in need, our dedicated advocates, potential collaborators and our inclusive, hands-on engagement, which can have a substantial impact,” Valeton added. “Collectively, we can work toward a world in which women are celebrated, their voices resonate and their potential flourishes.”

For more information, visit, or follow them on Facebook (Ladies Turn Global) and Instagram (ladiesturnglobal).

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