MOD Devices Launches A New Audio Processor with Unlimited, Downloadable Plugins

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Light, compact and robust, the new MOD Duo is designed to replace heavy rigs by allowing guitarists access to plugins, including: effects, synths, amp simulations & tools.

BERLIN, GERMANY (December 1st, 2016)—MOD Devices’, a definitive pedalboard creator, has released a new audio processor that combines unlimited plugins, rock-solid hardware, smart software and a thriving community. Designated the MOD Duo, the user-friendly audio processor is a revolutionary, open-source, multi-effects pedal that provides musicians access to effects plugins while delivering high quality audio.

The MOD Duo allows musicians to make infinite combinations of effects, synths, amp simulations, tools and much more with hundreds of current plugins. New plugins are released on a regular basis and can be downloaded with just one click via our web-based user interface. Pedalboards can also be downloaded and shared among the growing community of MOD users. MOD Duo’s light, compact and robust die-cast aluminum casing make it easy to carry and can ultimately replace heavy rigs. Once the MOD Duo is customized to the guitarist, the stage-ready processor can be transported to rehearsals and/or concerts.

“The MOD Duo processor comes loaded with audiophile components and allows extra footswitches, expression pedals or MIDI controllers to be connected. It can be used by all kinds of instruments, with up to three simultaneously connected to the same device. In addition, the user-friendly graphical interface can configure new effect chains by the simple use of a browser,” said Gianfranco Ceccolini, founder of MOD Devices.

The MOD Duo features:

–            Two independent inputs with 1/4′ TS jacks and digitally controlled analog multi-stage pre-amplification

–            Two independent outputs with balanced 1/4′ TRS jacks and volume   control

–            Headphone output with independent digital volume   control

–            Relay based True Bypass  circuit

–            Cirrus Logic low noise audio  codec

–            CPU: Dual core ARM A7 1.0 GHz, 1GB RAM and 4GB Flash   Storage

–            2 knobs with LCD screens and 2 foot switches with colour   LEDs

–            I/O Connections: MIDI In and MIDI Out (DIN 5 pins), Control-Chain RJ-45, USB Host (2.0 Standard A-type supporting USB Wi-Fi and USB MIDI) and USB Device (2.0 Standard B-type supporting USB Ethernet adapter)

The MOD Duo audio processor measures 180mm x 160mm x 74.7mm [L x W x H] and weighs 1.7kg.  Pricing per piece starts at US$649, and can be purchased at

For more information about MOD Devices’ MOD Duo Audio Processor, please visit  

About MOD Devices

MOD Devices’ founder, Gianfranco Ceccolini had a dream: having a multi-effects pedal that would never run out of effects, did not need a computer to be brought on the stage and could withstand the scrutiny   of audiophiles everywhere. He left his day job and began working on this in his hometown of São Paulo, Brazil, and launched his first product, the MOD Quadra. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and a  move to the headquarters of electronics manufacturer Schleicher in Berlin, he has taken his dream to the next level with the MOD Duo, the definitive pedalboard  creator.

Source:  Press Release

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