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“In ‘Love Leaks’ [Wayman] sets aside Warpaint’s guitar-centered rock for murky keyboards and deep-bottomed drumbeats that conjure a lounge for lost souls. As a sluggish waltz eventually lurches into 4/4, she sings about trying to admit the end of a romance; the track suggests how hard it is to break away.”—The New York Times

“Wayman’s solo debut has been years in the making—some of the songs are half a decade old, but none sound out of place. Each song is a tapestry of layers and textures that Wayman spent hours weaving together and refining. The magic of LoveLaws, therefore, lies in the tiny details—the wandering guitar riff on ‘I’ve Been Fine;’ the layered vocals on ‘Love Leaks;’ the sensual melody that switches pace, again and again, throughout ‘The Dream.’”—i-D

Photo credit: Delaram Pourábdi

LoveLaws, the debut solo album from TT(Theresa Wayman of Warpaint) is out today on Wayman’s own LoveLeaks/Caroline International—get it here. The highly anticipated album features singles “The Dream,” “I’ve Been Fine” and “Love Leaks.”

Wayman has long been at work on her own music between Warpaint tours and her commitments as a single mother. She recorded LoveLaws at her home studio in Los Angeles, on the road, in London, and at Warpaint’s L.A. rehearsal space. Wayman plays the majority of instruments on the record—guitar, bass, and synth plus programming the drum beats herself. She produced the entire album with her brother Ivan Wayman, with additional production from Dan Carey (Kate Tempest, Bat For Lashes) and Money Mark (Beastie Boys).

Musically, the album explores Wayman’s early interest in beats, baselines, and samples—she cites Björk and trip hop as major influences. Wayman took a new approach to writing on LoveLaws: for years, she wrote stream of consciousness and tended to forego revising music or lyrics in the pursuit of a raw, unfussy sound. On LoveLaws, she found herself reworking and polishing ideas, arriving at a sound that is truly her own. As its title suggests, the album finds Wayman examining her romantic ups and downs.

Born and raised in Oregon, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Wayman co-founded Warpaint in Los Angeles 14 years ago. The group’s three albums—2010’s The Fool, 2014’s Warpaint and 2016’s Heads Up—have gone on to receive massive critical acclaim.


  1. Mykki
  2. I’ve Been Fine
  3. Love Leaks
  4. The Dream
  5. Tutorial
  6. Dram
  7. Safe
  8. Sassafras Interlude
  9. Take One
  10. Too Sweet

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