South African Alt-Pop Artist Bijou Bijou Tackles Temptations In New Single “Voodoo Man”

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May 28th, 2019 (New York, NY)- ​South African alt-pop artist, Bijou Bijou​, has released a new single “Voodoo Man”. The track centers around a mysterious figure while having to navigate temptations and tricks. “Voodoo Man” is based off of the popular legends of selling your soul to the devil in order to make your dreams come true when it feels as though you have no other option. The alternative/rock infused track pairs catchy bass and rhythmic guitar sounds, creating a captivating essence.

When you lose hope and reach rock bottom, it’s easy to lose a sense of who you are. It can become enticing to make a deal with individuals who ultimately might not have your best interest in mind. Bijou Bijou said the track, “was inspired by the loss of hope, toying with the idea of selling my soul to make my dreams come true, being drawn to all the promise that deal would make, and ultimately deciding against it again and again.”

The track alludes to the idea that while choosing to take a hold of your own fate might be more intimidating and nerve-wracking at first, having faith that it will all work out in the end and enjoying the journey there is what makes it worthwhile.

Bijou Bijou, a.k.a. Kirsten Skopelitis, ​was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, but she’s ready to take on the world. ​When she’s not creating new music, Bijou Bijou can be found exploring the beach and the city, or practicing and teaching yoga. ​The start to her musical journey is quite unique, as she decided to start manifesting her dreams into reality after an interesting discussion and revelation with a fortune teller.

Bijou Bijou the artist was born when she and a friend were discussing music and stage names (perhaps over some wine). Her friend suggested the name Bijou for its meaning of “small and elegant” or “intricate jewel”. Using her signature dream/indie-pop flair, Bijou Bijou creates music reminiscent of artists like Beach House, LAUV, and Lana Del Rey. The artist’s twist on dream pop mixed with island vibes results in a track guaranteed to get stuck on repeat in your head, in the best way.

“Voodoo Man” was written and performed by Bijou Bijou and produced by ​Wesley van der Westhuizen.​It was ​recorded at Wesley West Music in Linden, Gauteng, South Africa. The track follows the release of ​“Thing For You”​​that received placement on Spotify’s official “Fresh Finds​”, “​Alternative Workday​”, and “​New Indie and Alt.​” playlists.​And ​the massively successful release of the single​​“California Calls”​in 2018. That track currently sits at over ​157K​plays and has been featured on prominent playlists such as Spotify’s ​New Music Friday. These, along with her 2018 ​EP ​​Seratonin Screen, are available for streaming now.

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