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“Hyper-catchy pop-rock confection that takes up residence in a listener’s head after the first sing-along chorus” –FLOOD Magazine

“Shonen Knife to remain one of the only bands around that is able to fully encompass both the cuteness and keen-ness after which they were named.” – Stereogum

“After 35 years, Shonen Knife is still firing on all punk-and garage-infused six cylinders on the girl trio’s new Adventure album.” – MAGNET Magazine

“Authentic, moving and daft, and the true heirs to the Ramones, Shonen Knife are just great.”
– Classic Rock Magazine

With great sweet candy power, comes great sweet candy responsibility, and legendary Japanese punk trio, SHONEN KNIFE, is up for the challenge! Today (June 5th) the band is releasing their 19th studio album, SWEET CANDY POWER via Good Charamel Records. Featuring sisters Naoko and Atsuko with drummer Risa and special appearances from Shonen Knife alumni Ritsuko and Naru, Shonen Knife once again prove their everlasting optimism and dedication to effervescent bubblegum punk.

A king-sized inspiration to dozens of artists and fans over the course of the last 38 years, Shonen Knife has managed to weather the music industry’s ups and downs with their sparkling and seemingly innocent attitude intact. It comes as no shock that Sweet Candy Power doesn’t dessert the band’s continuous food theme. Aside from the sugar-rush-inducing title track, the album also includes new classics such as “Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches,” “Peppermint Attack,” and “California Lemon Trees.” Frontwoman Naoko, wants her music to make people happy and joyful, and it has consistently done exactly that for decades.

“[Sweet Candy Power] is an homage to my favorite rock music from the 1960’s and 1970’s,” explains Naoko. “I put all of my enjoyment, entertainment, joy, and delight into my songs. Inspired by my experience during tours and my daily life, I wrote the lyrics with fun and a little bit of irony. I hope people get happy through this album.”

Check out Sweet Candy Power here:


Shonen Knife has also just announced a date in at Montreal’s Pop Montreal Festival on September 26that Le Ministere‘ and are going to be making a major North American tour announcement in the upcoming weeks. Sweet Candy Power is available as a limited edition CD and on all download and streaming services today, June 5th 2019 in North America, Europe and The UK.

Sweet Candy Power

3. Sweet Candy Power
4. My Independent Country
5. Wave Rock
6. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
7. Never-Never Land
8. Peppermint Attack
9. California Lemon Trees
10. Match 3

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