Nashville Company Rhyme Partners Collaborates with Speak Life to End Bullying, The Musical On New Music for Show Coming This Fall

—Music Row Songwriters Help Performing Arts Company Realize Vision to Help End Bullying—

(LtoR) Rebecca Burd, Leland Grant, Dan Burd, Melissa Bollea Rowe, Briana Tyson, Tripp Weir and Lisa Doughtery
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Nashville July 6, 2021— Speak Life Performing Arts Company (SLPAC) is releasing a new film version of Speak Life The Musical to End Bullying this Fall. Melissa Rowe, songwriter/owner of Nashville’s Rhyme Partners Music Publishing wrote, co-wrote and co-produced all of the new music for the show. Rowe, along with some of her collaborators and the principles of SLPAC recently celebrated the completion of the project at The Listening Room Cafe in downtown Nashville.

Speak Life The Musical, follows a day in the life of four high school students giving us a glimpse into their public persona and private struggles. Every day in schools across America, kids are abused by their peers.The fight up the social ladder is brutal. Social media has allowed the abuse to chase them home. Cyberbullying leaves no place to hide. Speak Life Performing Arts Company has been a leader in the nation’s conversation on the issue of bullying for over 13 years. Their musical has now been seen by over 370,000 students across America. To donate or to find out more visit Speak Life to End Bullying, The Musical.

Rowe admits that her involvement in this project has been distinctly different than anything she has done previously in her career. “The opportunity to make an impact on kids and audiences all over the nation through our words and music was an honor that I didn’t take lightly,” she said of Rhyme Partners’ all encompassing involvement which not only included writing and composing all the music but also overseeing every aspect of the project. “Music comforts us and takes us places we can’t go by any other means. It can save a life,” she concludes.

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