Kerry Hart Releases New Single “Screaming Quietly”

From Debut I KNOW A GUN out February 14, 2020

Photo Credit: Lauren Dukoff
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February 7, 2019: Today, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Kerry Hart released her newest single “Screaming Quietly” from her debut album I Know A Gunout February 14, 2020.  The track is currently streaming via Atwood Magazine who writes, “‘Screaming Quietly’ showcases her in a space of complete and utter honesty. Supported by a quiet electric guitar that eventually evolves into a full background of warm harmony, Hart sings her heart out – turning her full self toward those afflicted by pain of all kinds, in mind, body, and spirit.”

Stream “Screaming Quietly” via YouTube

Hart writes of her deep personal connection to the song: “‘Screaming Quietly’ is a mantra in the truest definition, a mystical formula of invocation. To live in this world, eyes open, heart open, one has to reconcile the truth that there is deep suffering, injustice, and utter darkness inflicted on innocent beings, with tremendous regularity.  Simultaneously there is absolute generosity, true altruism, bravery, courage, and resolve to alter for the better the circumstances of others in need, against all odds.  These things truly do not reconcile comfortably. It often feels as though humanity has been crafted to strike some delicate balance of darkness and light. It was a divine gift when this song prayer came, I needed it and I am healed when I share it.”


Hart’s beautiful rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “Secret Garden,” was called “stunning” by Forbes in a recent interview, while Folk Alley has praised Hart as well, saying “Very few artists make a first impression so indelible and wondrous that you know within seconds that they are truly special. In the past few years, Courtney Marie Andrews, Anna Tivel, and Dylan LeBlanc all cleared that bar and even raised it with succeeding efforts. Now comes Kerry Hart making a play of her own to join their ranks.” Hart’s streaming numbers continue to increase, as title track “I Know A Gun” has, to date, received over 1.7M views on YouTube.


Hart joined up with Nick Rosen and Léo Costa, multi-instrumentalists who have worked with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Jason Mraz, to record I Know A Gun at Perfect Sound Studios in Los Angeles. The album finds Hart embedding her lyrics with pieces of hard-won insight, enveloping that wisdom in her endlessly warm delivery.  With its lavishly detailed and largely acoustic sound, the album unfolds in transportive melodies and sweeping arrangements, while bearing an edgy complexity entirely unique to Hart.

A star field in the constellation Cepheus is a composite of two 600-second exposures by the Framing Camera acquired during tests on December 3, 2007.

Hart is also passionate about reforestation and has been offering a “Pre-Save To Tree Save” campaign in conjunction with Eden Reforestation Projects. For each pre-save of her album I Know A Gun on Spotify, the non-profit group will plant one new tree. The unique initiative has already led to the planting of 2,500 new trees. “We are excited to have Kerry Hart as a new partner in our efforts to plant trees and save lives,” writes ERP. “We know how much she cares about trees and the earth. We love her pre-save to tree save campaign so pre-save away!”. Find out more at

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