Anastasia Elliot Releases New Single “Crash Landing”

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(New York, NY – February 7, 2020) – In 2013, Anastasia Elliot had been traveling from Nashville to New York City to complete a track entitled “Crash Landing.” In what was maybe a sign, a twist of fate, or a freak coincidence her plane crashed nose-first onto the runway upon descent, changing her outlook on life forever. Rather than run from the trauma, Anastasia allowed creativity to blossom and establish a narrative blueprint for her upcoming debut album. Today, 7 years after the event that shaped who Anastasia has become, she is ready to release “Crash Landing” into the world. Co-Produced by Anastasia and Joshua Crosby, the song embodies many themes including the realization that life is uncertain and the grass is not always greener on the other side. As the lead track from her full-length album, the song serves as the opening chapter to a story of love, loss, and life. Listen to “Crash Landing” here:

“A crash can be a reset. A rebirth. Or death and distraction,” explains Anastasia. “Out of fire something new can emerge depending on your perspective. I’m excited to see how everyone interprets “Crash Landing” as it is such a personal track to me.”

Anastasia Elliot’s approach to writing melodies is heavily influenced by an upbringing steeped in classical music, operatic vocal training, and classical piano. Her forthcoming epic and surreal debut spirals into the depths of insanity and beauty as it confronts the experience of trauma. The prologue single, “Cigarettes & Gasoline,” was praised by Alternative Press saying that ‘her raw vocal range is nothing short of consuming and gut-wrenching.” At the heart of the singer’s appeal is her exposed voice, which is at its most alluring when it soars above the pummeling pop-rock soundscapes that are dressed in symphonic touches. In January 2020, Anastasia partnered with The Great Khalid Foundation for a benefit which went towards music education programs in the city of El Paso. She was also invited to the NAMM Show 2020 where she hosted a workshop on how to create an exciting live show with innovative technologies on a limited budget.

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