Alice SK teases debut EP with ‘Another Girl’s Man’ out 15th July.

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Alice SK’s debut single, “Another Girl’s Man”, is a track that blends Folk with Indie to tell an age-old tale of love turning sour. Her haunting, soulful voice sounds classic yet modern through the influence of cultural icons, such as Ella Fitzgerald & Joni Mitchell, and present-day acts, like The Strokes, to create something fresh.

The song, produced by Muca (Los Bitchos, L.A. Salami) is taken from Alice SK’s forthcoming EP, “Electric”, which will be out in late 2021. On the collaboration, Alice SK said:

“I’ve been writing for years and it never really crossed my mind to get involved with others on the writing side of things; but when I heard a few of Muca’s other projects and his ideas for the demos that I showed him, I thought it could be a great combination of our two sounds and I’m hoping that that comes across in the tracks too.”

“Another Girl’s Man” is the stream of thoughts of a woman who has been scorned. Meant to reflect how one can turn ‘crazy in love’ and that love then quickly turns to an infatuation, as the song goes on and the woman subject gets more wound up and obsessive in her thoughts to the point where she becomes self-destructive. The track is essentially about romance that can go from sweet to sour in a flash.

As the theatrics of the situation unravel, Alice sings:

As another girl’s man, a friend, other lover, heart undercover, 

I sit and I watch from the stand.

Another girl’s man, friends, other lover, heart undercover.

You’re playing another girl’s man.”

The lyrics conjuring a classic sounding tale of a broken heart that weaves vintage sounds with Alice’s London accent in a way that is recognisable yet an exciting calling card of an exciting new talent. The track is satisfyingly similar on first listen, yet intriguing and full of its own depths as it gets more and more intense as Alice’s own story and emotions dig in, making repeat listening rewarding.

“Another Girl’s Man” comes out right after the collaboration Alice did with Muca and Roberto Menescal, one of the pioneers of the Bossa Nova genre, for the single “Until We Meet Again” which will, be a bonus track on the debut Alice SK EP. The video for “Another Girl’s Man” was directed by Jude Lilley.

Alice SK & Muca play The Troubadour in London on 23rd July.

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