Acclaimed London artist Joulie Fox unveils NEW “Love Is a Blessing” EP // OUT NOW!

Photographer Credits: Hania Kantor
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London-based artist Joulie Fox brings a truly genreless approach to her musicality. Honing down an impressive repertoire, Fox’s musical endeavours shine brightly, as she brings her unique chronicles to life. Defining her truly unique soundscape, her rich musical heritages take the shape of influences such as St. Vincent, Jack White and Marina & The Diamonds, as Fox prides herself on an ability to stay genuine to her unique artistry.

Her new EP Love is a Blessing offers an addictive realm of upbeat electro-pop. With the EP consisting of five different love stories, her unique chronicles and an unparalleled approach to composition are brought full circle, as she confesses “Love Is A Blessing wasn’t planned to be a concept album and somehow it happened to be all about love. Each song shows love in a different shape. A toxic relationship, unhealthy dependence, stalking psychos, running away from the real commitment, old love regrets. I guess the only thing you won’t find here is a healthy relationship. It’s probably because I am usually inspired by bad experiences and events.”

Despite the non-intentional connection, Fox’s new EP revervarates with compelling discourses.. She continues,  “Each song shows a different character from Mother Theresia of Love, the stalker to the psychopathic killer.” Hit single “Running” is a story of a lost soul seeking love whilst fighting with demons living inside one’s head. Accompanied by “Fever” and “Bring Me”, Fox possesses blaring basslines and a truly echoic vocal energy that see each track soar with authentic melancholy.

Fox’s musical journey sets her apart. Her debut single “Wild Heart” was officially featured on ‘Love Island’ on ITV, and after a few months, she came back with “Oops I am Dead”, that made her shortlisted for the biggest festival in Europe – Glastonbury. Her previous singles have landed on Spotify’s prestigious ‘New Music UK’ playlist and she has garnered critical acclaim from the likes of The Guardian. Continuing to grow exponentially, Fox has streaming numbers hitting the tens of thousands for her impressive repertoire to date.


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