One of Fender’s Rarest Instruments Ever and How it’s Made – The Dream Factory Docu Series

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Last week, Fender released its second short documentary as a part of The Dream Factory series, which explores the journey of the unique guitars built at the Fender Custom Shop. From rare materials to artist collaborations, the Dream Factory series is peering behind the curtain of the forefront of guitar building. Fender is helping fans and players alike explore the cutting edge craftsmanship and Fender DNA like never before.

In the second episode, we see Carlos Lopez, Master Builder, twist the way we look at building guitars and bring back to life The Marauder, one of the rarest instruments ever made by Fender. This guitar was first built in 1965 but never saw the light of day – Lopez was determined to change that as soon as he became a builder. Check out the documentary to see just how he brought this guitar back to life!


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