NAMM 2021: Kramer: Announces New Custom Graphics Collection For Summer 2021; Iconic 80’s Pop-Culture Guitars Available Worldwide At

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NASHVILLE, TN (July 13, 2021) Kramer, the original MADE TO ROCK HARD guitar brand has been setting trends with premium, performance-focused instruments since it was first launched in 1976. Made for rule-breakers that play fast and loud, Kramer has been embraced by legendary rockers and shredders like Eddie Van Halen, Vivian CampbellRichie Sambora, Elliot EastonMick Mars, and more during the height of the metal era in the 1980s—making it the most popular guitar brand in the world during the iconic era. Kramer spans entry-level and intermediate guitars, to professional offerings, across the entire line which continue to make Kramer instruments the choice of today’s hard rock and metal legends.

New for Summer 2021, is the limited-edition Kramer Custom Graphics Collection which draws inspiration from iconic 80s pop-culture and reflects the fun, energized attitude of Kramer across this assortment of The 84 and Baretta guitars. In collaboration with various visual artists, and Kramer’s own luthiers, the Custom Graphics Collection’s designs range from the glittering flames of Hot Wheels cars, to retro fashion snakeskin and leopard, and even the iconic ECTO-1 car from the film

Ghostbusters.The Kramer Custom Graphics Collection is available worldwide now on

“The newly launched Kramer Custom Graphics Collection is a celebration of Kramer’s iconic designs and 1980s history,” says Krista Gilley, Director of Brands, Gibson Brands. “Custom Graphics have long been cherished by Kramer fans, and we are bringing new energy to the fandom with an assortment of 6 pieces of unique art. Get lost in ‘The Illusionist’ by Bo Pitman or strike with the ‘Viper’ by Chris Stemmer – the Collection is authentic Kramer for players of today.”

The striking new Kramer Custom Graphics Collection features The 84, in “The Illusionist” 3D Black White Swirl, a Baretta in “Hot Rod” Blue Sparkle with Flames, a Baretta “White Lotus” in White Lotus Candy Blue, a Baretta “Feral Cat” in Rainbow Leopard, a Baretta “Viper” in Snakeskin Green Blue Fade, and a Baretta “Danger Zone” in Warning Tape on White Red.

The new Kramer Custom Graphics Collection follows the successful release of the Kramer Artist Collection which features collaborations with Snake Sabo (Baretta), Charlie Parra (Vanguard), and Tracii Guns (Gunstar Voyager), as well as the new Kramer Original and Modern Collections, available now at:

Following is the Kramer Custom Graphics Collection, new for Summer 2021:



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