NAMM 2020: Artesia to Partner with MeloQuest Video Game that Teaches Users How to Play Music

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ANAHEIM, Calif. Jan. 14, 2020 (NAMM Booth 8510)—MI and audio leader Artesia announced that it has partnered with the team behind the MeloQuest video game. Artesia will be the exclusive hardware provider for the upcoming launch of the MeloQuest video game in 2020.

MeloQuest is an exciting quest game created by Leviathan Games and Graeme Winder of Muzu for boy and girl gamers ages 7-13. In addition to popular quest features found in other games including levels, side quests, dungeons, puzzle rooms, enemies to defeat and bosses, MeloQuest teaches gamers musical skills and how to play popular songs on the piano as they proceed through the games’ levels.

The team involved with MeloQuest is a “who’s who” of interactive entertainment and musical talent including:

Leviathan Games, Wyeth Ridgway, CTO— Leviathan has been a trusted name in developing and building games for many of the top grossing brands and franchises (Star Trek, South Park, EA Sports, Capcom, Sony etc.). Wyeth has 25+ years as CTO/CEO in gaming development.

Graeme Winder— Successful music school owner (six locations) with more than two decades as a music educator, film composer, music producer and innovator in new music learning methods and techniques.

Brian Hodous—  Ex-CCO of gaming giant Activision Blizzard Inc and founder of the successful Guitar Hero game series with $2 billion + in sales revenue alone.

Artesia— Exclusive hardware – musical instrument manufacturer for the MeloQuest game plus marketer and distributor in the North American Market.

MeloQuest Game Features:

  • Can be played on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS mobile devices
  • Anyone can play – no musical experience necessary
  • Learn to play a song on your very first day!
  • The more you play the game, the more songs you will master
  • Piano skills based on the proven Muzu teaching method to learn to play very quickly with amazing results
  • Can be played in airplane mode

Sheet music can be printed to play on any regular or digital piano too

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