Lounsberry Pedals Debuts The Tall Fat & Wide

f you work in a stereo environment, this is the solution you've been waiting for!

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Smithfield, MD USA (October 2, 2018) – Lounsberry Pedals, creators of acclaimed Tall & Fat, today announced the introduction of their newest pedal, the Tall Fat & Wide. This new pedal is a product of several years of detailed customer research and user feedback. The result is the most exciting and practical solution for any musician who works in a stereo environment.

“Just when you thought ‘Tall & Fat’ was absolutely devastating, along comes the son of Tall and Fat, I shall call it ‘Tall, Fat and Wide!’ Be Afraid!” – Greg Lounsberry – Creator of the Tall & Fat series, and Owner, Lounsberry Pedals.

In addition to creating a stereo environment, The Tall Fat & Wide is perfect for a mixing and mastering solution. All you need to do is insert the Tall Fat & Wide into the stereo signal chain, and you’re master track ready.


  • Game Changer for Digital Organs.
  • Convincing AO-28 sound for any keyboard
  • Analog Discrete circuit – No ICs or surface mount parts
  • Sounds Great with Organ, Keyboards, Bass, and Guitar
  • True Bypass – 9V Battery Included

  • Set the “Tall” control at 12:00
  • Adjust the “Fat” control for the sound you are looking for (set the amount of drive to your taste)
  • Adjust the “Tall” control for unity gain when the footswitch is engaged and disengaged
  • The “Tall” control also allows for the pedal’s use a boost pedal
  • The Stereo A10 circuit is not affected by the knob controls, is roughly unity gain, and is on all of the time regardless of the switch state

What the Artists are saying:

  • Tall Fat & Wide totally boosted my performances to a whole new level! – emiko, Recording Artist, Songwriter.
  • The Tall Fat and Wide offer the same warmth and rounded tone of the Tall and Fat in stereo. It enhances the “space” between the notes. It’s perfect for keyboards like the Crumar Mojo or Nord Electro that do not have an FX loop. –Mitch Towne, Grammy-nominated Keyboardist.
  • Lounsberry pedals are a necessity with my digital keyboard rigs. When I bring my Rhodes and Wurlitzer Electric Pianos to live concerts or recording studios, I always run them through my Wurly Grinder to help get that REAL vintage sound that I love. When I bring my Crumar Mojo to live concert or recording studios, I always run that through my Tall & Fat to help get the real vintage tube sound that keyboards still haven’t figured out. NOW I use the Lounsberry Tall, Fat, & Wide with my Crumar Mojo to get that same real tube distortion AND it runs stereo AAANNDD can run post-sim!!! Lounsberry pedals really found the missing link between digital keyboards and vintage sound! — Carey Frank, Jazz Pianist, Hammond B3 Organ Player.

The Tall Fat & Wide is now available at Lounsberry dealers. U.S retail pricing is $329.00. For more information please visit www.lounsberrypedals.com.

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