Introducing the FS07 Cab Simulation Pedal by Flamma Innovation

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Shenzhen, China – 29th June, 2021 – Breaking away from simply offering traditional high-quality guitar effects, FLAMMA is proud to introduce their first Cab Simulation pedal. The FS07 Cab pedal features 11 built-in cabinet simulation effects while also supporting endless customization by supporting third-party impulse response files.

As more guitarists explore the world of digital modelling, Flamma aims to provide users with easy-to-use hardware and software solutions that provide a frustration-free experience. Using the FS07 is a breeze with a dual-function footswitch that can be used as a traditional power toggle or as a way to easily cycle through the seven customizable preset slots. Each preset and cab sim file can be adjusted to your taste by using the pedal knobs, or by using the free editor software for even more precise tweaking. When it’s time to play, the FS07 supports either mono or stereo inputs and outputs to easily split the signal between external speakers, soundboards, mixers, or audio interfaces.

  • High-quality stereo cabinet simulation and impulse response loading pedal
  • Includes 7 user preset slots that can store two different cabinet simulation settings each
  • 11 factory cabinet simulation files with support for loading third-party impulse response files
  • Choose between mono or stereo setups
  • Footswitch can be assigned as a traditional on/off switch or used to cycle through presets
  • Comes with specialized editor software for quick management of your presets

The FS07 will be available from Flamma dealers and distributors worldwide on

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