Engl brings five of its iconic Pro guitar cabinets to the Two notes Store with a new IR pack

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Engl is delighted to announce that its legendary Pro line of cabinets is now available as an official Impulse Response (IR) pack on the Two notes Store.

The five Engl cabs featured in the pack have been responsible for some of the most brutal and jaw-dropping high-gain guitar tones in history, and now players across the world can faithfully recreate these sounds on stage, in the studio or at home using their favourite Two notes devices and software.

The following Engl Pro cabs are included in the pack: the E112VB 1×12, the E212VB and E212VHB 2x12s, the flagship E412VSB 4×12, and the mighty oversized E412XXL 4×12.

The cabs, which are all built of Siberian birch wood and feature Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, were all meticulously recorded at the state-of-the-art Engl studio by expert engineers using eight carefully selected microphones – six dynamic mics, one condenser mic, and one ribbon mic – and high-end API 312 mic preamps.

As well as the cabs themselves, the pack also give players the chance to digitally position the eight mics – which are a mixture of renowned industry classics alongside a couple of high-end wildcard choices – wherever they want them in relation to the speakers.

All of this gives players a huge range of tone tweaking options in their search for the perfect guitar sound. From the crushing low-end thump of the E412XXL to the tight punch of the E112VB and the all-round genre-defining bite and punch of the E412VSB, the Engl Pro IR pack is a surefire way for any high-gain player to take their tone to the next level – at any volume.

Jürgen Gimpel, Engl’s CEO, said: “We’re delighted to be teaming up with Two notes to be offering players this amazing pack of Engl Pro cabinet IRs. Our engineers have painstakingly pulled some incredible sounds out of these five cabs and we’re confident they’re the best sounding IRs out there for anyone who really wants to take no prisoners with their tone! If you’re looking for a quick way to take your guitar tone up a notch, the Engl Pro Two notes pack is the only way to go!”

Guillaume Pille, CEO of Two notes, said: “It is with great pleasure, and my complete honor, to announce that Two notes Audio Engineering is welcoming Engl Amps to the family of virtual cabinets, available now from the Two notes Store. With five incredible new cabinets added – all bearing the hallmark power and response of this legendary German brand – it will open up a whole new world of sound for not only rock and metal players, but
anyone looking to add versatility and depth to their personal cabinet library.”

The Engl cabs pack is available from March 6th 2020, priced at €22.50/$27 (not including taxes). The individual cabs each cost €6.67/$8 (not including taxes). The Engl cabinets are only compatible with Two notes hardware and software.

For more information, visit the official Engl website and the Two notes Store.

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