The Foreword
The Foreword (consisting of duo, Maggie Schneider and Alex Crane), exclusively premiere their new single 'Roses'
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Indie-pop duo, The Foreword based in Atlanta, consists of Maggie Schneider and Alex Crain. The duo’s sound features a fun dose of pop-rock elements, and their debut EP Coffee Cups and Second Shots will release on September 28. The EP features six tracks and was produced by Rian Dawson (of All Time Low), and its themes consist of relationship highs and lows. Each of the six songs act as a new scene or chapter in the couple’s life.

From their forthcoming EP, their single “Roses,” is about the downfall of a relationship, and the hope that lingers for it to work out. In correlation with the premiere of “Roses,” the duo have shared some of their most kept secrets for helping a struggling relationship. Check them out below:

Tips for Powering Through Relationship Struggles:

1. (Maggie) – Be honest with the person you’re dating. I know that it can be easier said than done, but communication is super important when you’re in a relationship. If there’s something bothering you, or a situation you need to address, just be honest with how you feel. It’ll be so much better than bottling up everything you want to say. You’ll regret what you don’t say in the long run, trust me!

2. (Maggie) – Giving yourselves some space can be really healthy. This doesn’t mean breaking up! It means taking a few days to decompress, hang out with your friends, and  spend some time focusing on the other things and people in your life. I’ve found that taking a day or two to rest can make you feel a lot better in your relationship, and perhaps lead you to solving your problems.

3. (Alex) – Being in a relationship is not easy, it’s compromise, it’s hurt feelings, and it’s learning who you are. But to make it work you have to know what whatever happens and whatever struggles appear, you are in it together. You cry together, and you grow together.

4. (Alex) – Always pay attention to the little things. Listen to that song they want to show you, it could be saying exactly what they feel.

Grab The Foreword’s music by pre-order via the links below:

Full EP Spotify Presave Link
Full EP iTunes Preorder

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