Trends to Try: Vegan Leather Boots

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According to Webster’s Dictionary, a boot is a sturdy item of footwear, covering the foot, ankle and sometimes the leg below the knee.  Every rocker girl most likely has some type of this popular shoe in her closet; however, you can never have enough fabulous pairs of boots.  When you’re on the lookout for a brilliant new pair, consider choosing vegan leather as opposed to the traditional hide varieties.  Check out Guitar Girl Magazine’s top picks for cheeky leather alternatives.

What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather includes a range of textiles and fabrics that are animal friendly and serve as leather substitutes.  Some of the basic fabrications consist of microfiber materials, labeled as “vegetan” or “lorica”.  Others are produced from acrylics or polyamide felt fibers, typically seen in Birkenstocks; these are labeled “birko-flor” or “birkibuc”.  Lastly, “PVC” and “kydex” are plastic combinations, which are considered good for animals, but harmful to the environment.

Where can I buy it?

There are amazing outlets for vegan boots, many that allow you to buy online. For starters, Novacas’s mid-calf lace-up boot has sweet eye-let cutouts that make it completely on-trend.  Vegetarian Shoes has a wide selection of rustic, vintage boots, as well as black slouchy numbers, or “no cow” girl boots. The fashion retailer Free People, also offers stylish options that are completely vegan.  Styles with fringe details or chunky ankle-high’s are popular for the brand, fitting to their hippie chic aesthetic.  Even if you aren’t feeling “leather”, Free People’s studded denim boots are an ideal alternative.

How do I wear it?

Anything made from vegan leather can be worn the same way as regularly tanned leather.  However, depending on your mood, there are several ways you can sport your new favorite pair of boots.  Boots with skirts and dresses are always a stunning combination.  They de-frill girly dresses, giving an eclectic yet ultra fashionable vibe to your ensemble.  Boots with skinny jeans or destroyed denim are a must.  They offer a genius punk-rock essence, and look amazing when paired with simple blouses, t-shirts, or fitted blazers.

Whichever way you decide to rock your boot collection, consider walking the vegan leather route…it’s animal cruelty free, less expensive, and gives you bonus cool points.

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