Top 3 Boot Trends for Fall 2017

woman wearing boots
Girl wearing boots
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When September comes, it’s all about the new fall-winter trends. If you’re finding it hard to say good-bye to summer, just remember that autumn comes with a lot of fun and cozy layers, warm brews and delicious new shades.

timberland boots womensFor fall-winter 2017/2018, designers have prepared a lot of trends to keep you busy. Some new, some reinvented, but all are meant for you to spruce up your wardrobe, lift your spirits on a rainy day and help enjoy fashion some more.


dr martens womens boots cherry redThis season is also about boots. If you have the classic black, brown and grey ones in your closet, you’re set. You might also give Timberland sport models a try. And let’s not forget about the classic Dr. Martens’ punk ones.


The Little Red Riding Hood boot

If you’re looking for a statement boot, the biggest trend of the season is the color red, the brighter, the better. You can wear it as a head to toe look, but you can also introduce it to your feminine outfit with the help of accessories, like a hot knee-length style boot. It might be intimidating at first to wear, but this hue is everywhere.

lita ford



Check out Lita Ford in all red:
Interview with Lita Ford: Relentless in Red Leather 




Start with a red lipstick if even shoes are too much to begin with. This trend can be reminiscent of your childhood story, but it’s also a sexy fall accent. Even if you didn’t have time to come up with a new flashy stage look, a flowy flower printed dress and a pair of red boots will definitely make you noticed. You can even go for a cowboy model or an Alice in Wonderland glittery style.

flower dress and red boot collage



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Denim Jacket:
Boot: red bootie:
Boot: red tall

Gold Metallic Boots


Embroidered Boots

The little extra details boot

If you need to be comfortable, yet you want your boot to say something about your personality, opt for bold metallic colors like gold with a black outfit. The second option is to invest in precious materials like a royal blue velvet boot, satin purple or sock boots. Of course, you can opt for a simple black model with studs, fake fur accents or après ski styles.

Ankle length is recommended, as is a low and thick heel. Invest in quality pieces, which will become staples in your closet. Buy round or pointy toes models, as both are IN. You’ll see soon enough that your basic jeans and t-shirt uniform will have a Cinderella special moment when you add the boots to it.

The lace-up combat boot

If utility is what you’re looking for, opt for a lace-up bootie with a high, statement heel. Know that even if they look like you can use them for days, they’re actually harder to walk in because the material doesn’t permit bending as you move.

But this boot can be worn with many outfits, especially with short dresses and comes in a lot of colors. The fake alligator brown skin or the white with different buckles are two options, as are suede ‘70s inspired ones or flower printed styles. Don’t be afraid to wear bedazzled boots or to swap the lace with a satin band.

As it seems, for this season designers are back with a lot of bold choices compared to the last seasons when they toned down trends a lot.

Fall is here, do you have your boots and what’s your style?


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